Jeyson Rojas takes the tie in moderation and points to the second leg at the Germán Becker: “We’re going to go look for him like everywhere else”

The trained at home analyzed what was the poor goalless draw against Deportes Temuco in this first leg of the third phase of the Chile Cup 2022.

Rojas was the starting right back on this day.
© ONE Agency.Rojas was the starting right back on this day.

Colo Colo experienced an opaque return to the fields in this second half of the 2022 season, sealing a poor goalless draw against Deportes Temuco at the Monumental Stadium for the first leg of the third phase of the Copa Chile 2022.

One who analyzed what the commitment was against the albiverdes was Jeyson Rojas, who after the match in conversation with TNT Sports pointed out that “fIt was a complicated, tough game. We try to take the positive and the negative out, We have to keep preparing for the return leg and give it our all there”.

“We did not lack much, but the rival also plays. We were long and sometimes we were far away, separated. You have to finish the play better, find the final pass. With patience, it will happen”, he added.

Thinking about what will be next Thursday’s return, the home team said that “let’s go look for him like everywherewith the mind and confidence of all the parties that we are going to emerge victorious”.

Regarding what it was if he entered from the start after not living the interseason to be with the Chilean team, the winger declared that “It is an annex, we have been working together for a long time and it is not complicated. It’s always the same tune (…) It gets heavy for the whole trip, which is very long. You lose training, but you are always willing to play and give your best. On the pitch you forget to rest”.

The return of this intersection is scheduled for this Thursday, June 23, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Germán Becker Stadium. fits remember that in case of a new equality, everything will be defined from the penalty kicks, since the visiting goal does not run.

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