Jimena Barón’s eventful vacation in Europe: from the mishap with the flight to the hilarious video with her son Momo

Jimena Barón showed the mishap she had after an excursion with her son Momo (Instagram Stories)

This week Jimena Barón packed her bags with her son Morrison and they flew to Spain to enjoy a unique trip that they had been postponing due to the restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The truth is that the dream vacation began with a mishap due to the bad weather, and after overcoming that first obstacle they recharged a bit of energy to walk the streets of the European city. true to his style, the artist showed her day-to-day on social networks and shared some hilarious anecdotes from her excursions.

A couple of days ago, the singer shared some photos on Instagram from the Madrid airport, where they were stranded for nine hours due to an unexpected storm that prevented them from continuing with the itinerary. “100 thousand postcards of Momo sleeping because we have to wait longer to see if the weather improves and another plane leaves; I have the chinstrap on exactly 24 hours ago, ”he wrote along with a video that portrayed the uncomfortable situation. “All this waiting for another flight to be canceled, we may be going crazy,” he added shortly after, confessing that due to fatigue he had become confused and had put pepper in a tea.

The postcards of Jimena Barón and her son Momo from Bilbao
The postcards of Jimena Barón and her son Momo from Bilbao

As if the wait were not enough, In the middle of transferring from one flight to another, the 7-year-old boy lost his cell phone. Fortunately, the bad streak had a happy ending and they were able to recover it: “Momo left the phone that I lent her to play on the plane that did not leave, someone saw it and returned it; the run of the century”. After leaving behind all impediments, they finally reached their destination. Happy for the beginning of their vacations, they wanted to take advantage of the lost time and immediately began to tour the city.

The truth is that today we walked all day and we had such a spectacular time that we didn’t take photos of Europe. We just started jumping, exhausted, but too happy and with these images we salute you”, he expressed in his first post from Spain. In the photos and videos they were shown in a well-known hotel room and sealed the moment with a tender hug. The next day they continued with the tours, and they equipped themselves with winter outfits to face the low temperatures in Europe and continue discovering other tourist spots.

Visits to museums, walks and panoramic postcards: Jimena Barón's mother and son excursions in Europe
Visits to museums, walks and panoramic postcards: Jimena Barón’s mother and son excursions in Europe

The mother and son excursion ended at night and once again published a summary of their activities in a post, which they titled: “Today we are very happy.” In the images, the singer and actress posed in the central area of ​​Bilbao with a pure smile, capturing some works from museums, panoramic views and also portraying the gastronomic experience they enjoyed tasting the local desserts.

Between laughs, he also recorded a hilarious video to show the consequences of the long walk they did all day, and he consulted his son: “Are you saying that someone is going to give me a ball like this, with this liquid retention that I have?”. As she focused on the swelling and marks on her legs, Momo approached her and completely touched her with her hugs: “Oh, he loves me just the same.” About the end, he explained that they had made an extensive journey: “In my defense I walked 15 kilometers with my pants inside my boots.”


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