JM Oran 2022: ticket sales targeted by a hacking attempt

A few days before the start of the long-awaited sporting event; the commissioner of the Mediterranean Games (JM), Mohamed Aziz Derouaz; returned to the online sale of tickets for the opening ceremony of the JM d’Oran 2022; by revealing the number of tickets sold online, but also of failed hacking attempts.

Speaking on radio channel 3, the commissioner of the Mediterranean Games (JM), Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, said that in total “18,000 hacking attempts targeting the two platforms intended for the sale of tickets for the ceremony opening of the JM d’Oran 2022 have been defeated”.

Indeed, the speaker highlighted “the success of the system put in place to ensure the security of these two platforms”; in order to abort all hacking attempts that target them.

In the same sense; JM Commissioner Reveals “Over 20,000 Opening Ceremony Tickets Sold Online in Less Than 24 Hours”; emphasizing that “this operation, which is a first in the history of the JM, was a great success”.

According to Mohamed Aziz Derouaz; “The enthusiasm of the citizens for the opening ceremony of the JM d’Oran 2022 presents a first indicator of the success of this sporting event”.

It should be recalled that the organizing committee of the JM of Oran had announced the online sale of tickets to attend the various events of the JM. Being initially set at 500 DA, President Tebboune ordered the reduction of the ticket price for the opening ceremony. In response to his instructions, the price was set at 100 DA; while access to the various competitions will be free.

JM Oran 2022: what is the budget for the event?

During his appearance on the radio; the Commissioner of the JM mentioned the financial envelope allocated by the State to ensure the success of the sporting event that will host Oran.

Indeed, Mohamed Aziz Derouaz indicated that “the financial envelope of the State has reached 13 billion dinars”. Adding “in addition the 2.7 billion dinars; intended for the needs of a better image quality during the televised transmission of the event”.

Concerning the long-awaited opening ceremony of the JM of Oran; the Commissioner of the JM announced “the presence of important sports personalities within the various international sports bodies”.

Moreover, Mohamed Aziz Derouaz also mentioned “the exceptional number of participants in the JM”; revealing the fact that “this figure exceeds the reception capacity of the Mediterranean village”. To this end, “two other Mediterranean villages have been opened; and this at the Andalusian tourist complex (Ain El-Turck); as well as in the wilaya of Mostaganem, “said the JM commissioner.

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