Joe Biden was highly critical of Russia in his speech to the UN Assembly

In the midst of a turbulent morning in international politics, Joe Biden took the microphone at the 77th United Nations General Assembly and spoke for half an hour to denounce the actions of the Russian government against Ukraine. “It is a brutal war carried out by one man,” the US president told the UN, where he added that “Ukraine has the right to exist as a state.”

This comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the possibility of nuclear war, a situation that Joe Biden he described as an “inconsequential abandonment” of Russian responsibilities by signing the non-proliferation treaty of this type of weapons. Furthermore, the US President stated that the permanent members of the UN security council should not invade neighboring countrieswhich he cataloged as “a violation of the central precepts of the United Nations.

The US president was very tough on Putin.

“If nations can pursue their imperialist ambitions without consequence, then we risk everything this institution stands for.”sentenced Joe Biden. He then added that “the sovereign territory of another nation cannot be taken away by force.”

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