Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja : Microids annonce un remake en 2022

Those who grew up in the 1990s may remember a prehistoric arcade game by the name of Joe & Mac. Thirty years later, the caveman duo announced their return with a remake that no one had seen coming.

French company Microids today announced the return of the duo from the ages: Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja will therefore go through the remake box in 2022 thanks to the good care of Mr Nutz Studio, who had already resuscitated the ancient Toki in 2018, to the delight of this old monkey that we affectionately call “Plume”.

Children of fierce ages

After several decades of absence, the two heroes who cultivate many clichés on the prehistoric way of life will once again have to go to the rescue of the women of their tribe, kidnapped as tradition dictates.

If Mr Nutz Studio, already busy on Asterix and Obélix Baffez-les-Tous! will be responsible for updating gameplay from another age, French people can officially count on the support of Tosuke Matsukoa, Data East’s license manager :

We have full confidence in Microids and Mr. Nutz Studio to develop this Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja remake. It is a real pleasure to see these iconic video game characters revive, with today’s technology. It has been a long time since we last saw these two characters, and their return will delight early players as well as a new audience.

If the first visuals are sure to bring back some memories to those who sparingly slapped their francs from another age in arcade machines, Microids says that this review of Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja will benefit from new content, starting with new levels, and even some “surprises”. This should reassure our transalpine editor, who had made the same reproach to Toki.

While waiting to learn more, the French publisher has already promised that Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja will try to give us their club on “PC and consoles” somewhere in 2022. This does not make us any younger.

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