Johan T Lindwall on Elizabeth’s funeral – and Charles’ actions in the church: "I shiver"

Queen Elizabeth has been laid to rest. Now Svensk Damtidning’s editor-in-chief Johan T Lindwall shares his thoughts about the funeral that touched the whole world.

Johan T Lindwall: “Queen Elizabeth, you were loved by us all”

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The two silent minutes. They said everything. It was like she came back for a moment. We all wanted to say goodbye to the queen of the whole world. Rest in peace beloved Elizabeth II. Now you and Philip are reunited in eternity.

I am still taken as I write these lines. So incredibly pompous and at the same time simple. When Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest, not Britain stopped – but the whole world.

Up at Westminster Hall, the family waited for the coffin to be carried out and when it was placed on the catafalque, the carriage that pulled the coffin, there was eerie silence in London and the whole nation. Behind the catafalque on the way to Westminster Abbey, Charles, now Charles III, walked with his siblings and behind the children Prince William and Prince Harry. The last time we saw something like this was 25 years ago when the late Princess Diana was buried. Now the brothers went once more, side by side, but this time to say goodbye to their beloved grandmother.

The hearse was carried by 142 Royal Navy sailors, a funeral tradition that is over 100 years old in Britain. Inside Westminster Abbey, royalty and heads of state gathered from all over the world. Our King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia had the places of honor at the front of the coffin – directly in front of King Charles III and his queen consort Camilla.

On the coffin was just a simple bouquet, rosemary, myrtle and roses – identical to the Queen’s 1947 wedding bouquet to Prince Philip. In the bouquet, a white card with a final greeting from son Charles: “In loving and devoted memory”.

King Charles at his mother Queen Elizabeth’s coffin.

Jonathan Brady

“A Last Farewell”

There were many of us who followed the Queen’s final journey to rest and many things touched us during the funeral. But the strongest thing was probably the trumpet fanfare that started the two minutes of silence inside the church. Never before has silence been more telling. I shudder to think about it. It was as if the queen’s soul came into the church every now and then to visit to say a final farewell. Then she disappeared on her way. But she was there for a short while. King Charles III fought back tears during the national anthem. Now for the first time “God save the Queen” was replaced by “God save the King”.

As the dust of the late Queen rolled out of London, the streets were lined with over a million people – all wanting to say their final farewell to the one they had come to love for so many years. Now the silence was replaced by people clapping and shouting as the funeral procession passed them. It was their way of showing their respect and appreciation to the late queen.

Now Elizabeth will finally be able to rest side by side with her beloved Philip in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. They have found each other again in eternity and here we are left mourning a queen. She may be gone, but the memory will always live on. Elizabeth was undoubtedly the queen of queens. There will never, ever be anyone like her again in this mortal life.

Thanks for everything. Now rest in peace.

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