Johana Cubillas explodes against Mirella Paz: “This girl wants to be rich by telling lies about a married man”

Johana Cubillas used his social networks to attack again Mirella Paz, for giving ‘like’ to the photos of her husband Juan. The daughter of Teófilo Cubillas assured that she does not mind that they admire her husband, but she stressed that the singer defames him and she wants to leave him in a bad light.

“It doesn’t bother me at all that my husband likes the photos, in fact, many of my followers send me messages complimenting him and I shit … laughing, I love it because yes, well, it’s a churro . The point here is that this girl wants to make my husband look bad (for who knows what purpose) defaming him and saying that he follows her, and gives her likes, when Juan didn’t know who he was until I told him”, “Nena” wrote in her Instagram stories.

Johana Cubillas assured that she knows her husband and trusts him absolutely. “I don’t know what the reality of other couples is, but between Juan and I there are no secrets and there is enormous respect, there is extreme trust, that is why I never doubted him at all”narrowed down

In that sense, he indicated that it bothers him that Mirella Paz has told lies about the Argentine. “What bothers me… is the pende…, that this girl wants to be rich telling lies about a happily married man with a beautiful family (ours)”, assured.

Finally, she said that it was she who came out to show her face because she is the “known” one, after having declared for Love and Fire. I would do it a million times because I will not allow them to try to disturb the tranquility of my family. Nobody messes with my husband or my son”, he asserted.

Johana Cubillas explodes against Mirella Paz
Johana Cubillas explodes against Mirella Paz

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