Johanna San Miguel flatters Stefano Salvini for the best actor award and he launches: “I love you, my sweet co…”

IN LOVE? Stefano Salvini He has been recognized as best actor for the role he played in the series ‘Voice’ and has been his ex-partner johanna san michael who did not hesitate to praise him, highlighting his talent for the artistic world. However, a comment from the young artist surprised him on his social networks.

In statements for ‘America Espectáculos’, the host of ‘Esto es Guerra’ pointed out that the awards given in Las Vegas are super important and that even more recognition festivals will arrive.

However, Johanna also decided to comment on a photo of Stefano on Instagram, making it clear how proud she is of him.

“”, said. In response, Stefano turned on the nets. “”, along with several fire and party emojis.


the journalist Kathy Sheen highlighted, through their social networks, the recent meeting that they staged johanna san michael and his ex, Stefano Salvini, last weekend. The former television reporter broadcast the moment in which the model threw herself into the pool and the ‘chata’ asked her to do it again.

“Are they not? I think they’re done… Stefano Salvini and Johanna San Miguel come in and out, they wake up apparently together… they’re done, aren’t they? ”, announced the communicator in her Instagram stories.

In the images, the EEG host is heard asking her ex-partner to jump back into the pool, to which he responds with a mischievous phrase that was taken by some as a “double meaning”.replied the actor while showing himself with his clothes soaked and ‘dead’ of cold.

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