Johanna San Miguel on the ‘warriors’ in ‘La Academia’: “They are not actors, but they make an effort” | VIDEO

This Tuesday, October 12, a new episode of “La Academia EEG” with great surprises among its participants: the entry of Milett Figueroa and her meeting with Melissa Loza, the alleged pregnancy of Angie Arizaga and the confrontations between Elías Montalvo and Mario Hart.

In this regard, the host of the program Johanna San Miguel took a moment to congratulate the ‘warriors’ and ‘combatants’ for the effort they show in the recordings, despite the fact that they are not actors.

“Very good guys, I’m going to congratulate you. We are also part of the academy and I want to congratulate them because I know the effort they make. They are not actors, but they make an effort, they come early and rehearse “Johanna stated.

“The program ends and the girls continue recording, I really congratulate them … If you liked this chapter, wait for the next one, it will be a bomb”, added the host of “This is war” before the expectation of his partner Gian Piero Díaz.

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It should be noted that in the new chapter of ‘La Academia’, Johanna San Miguel and María Pía Copello star in a strong discussion for the position of director in the series that is broadcast during reality hours.

“We have zero tolerance here and I don’t understand your claim. I’m going to talk to the boys, do you know why? Because last time nobody paid attention to you “, María Pía rebuked Johanna. Now, things seem to take a new turn.


Alejandra Baigorria was injured during competition in “This is war”

Alejandra Baigorria on her injury: "I'm frustrated but i can't compete"
The member of the ‘combatants’, Alejandra Baigorria revealed at the beginning of the program ‘Esto es Guerra’ that she has a sprained foot and that the pain prevented her from competing in the program. Although the businesswoman will continue in sentence, but she could be saved from elimination if her team wins the day and chooses her as the first ‘save’. (Source: América TV)

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