John Kelvin after reconciliation with Dalia Durán: “I know this was very hard for her, but we must heal our hearts”

Amor y Fuego released new images of the recent meeting they staged John Kelvin and Dalia Duran. In the images, the singer addresses the camera and makes a request to his followers. “Please, I ask you for peace, peace please, peace is what we want, peace and mental health,” said.

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He also assured that both his ex-partner and he will be parents for life. “We have to do things right for our children”he added.

For his part, Dahlia Duran She considered that coming face to face with John Kelvin has been a big step for her. “I think that it is a great step that I have also taken by being here by your side, I hope you know how to value it once again and do not disappoint me”, he indicated the vat.

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John Kelvin, After signing the conciliation, he assured that he is happy for the friendship with the blonde, who denounced him for beating and raping her more than a year ago. “God’s timing is perfect, a good agreement has been reached for the well-being of my children, the right thing to do is sign the divorce and we are doing that process,” he added.Too

In addition, he recorded a video for his fans and the press. “John Kelvin greets you, I am with Dalia, the mother of my children, we have reached a safe port, God is good, his times are perfect, I am by her side, for the well-being of my children so let’s do things like God command, we will do everything best for our children”said the cumbiambero.

Dahlia Duran He also assured that everyone deserves a second chance and recommended that his ex take advantage of it. He needs to work, he has six children, let this serve as an experience”, asserted.

Finally, john kelvin He recognized that the entire case has been very difficult for the Cuban woman and her family. “I know that this was very hard for her and her family, but this is a new beginning, God wanted it that way, we have to heal our hearts”indicated.


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