John Kelvin bursts into tears when he remembers his deceased grandmother: “My appeal hearing was on his birthday, it was a miracle”

john kelvin confessed with Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter and he recalled the difficult moments he experienced while spending more than a year behind bars in the Lurigancho prison, after being denounced by his still wife, Dahlia Duranfor physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

The cumbiambero highlighted that he spent Christmas and his birthday in prison, and even found out about the death of his grandmother when he was in jail. “I spoke with my grandmother Margarita, she raised me, my mother’s mother, when I speak with hershe thought I was in another country”he said broken by crying.

john kelvin He said that five days after that communication, he talks to his mother and she tells him that his grandmother had passed away. “I called to talk to my grandmother, to tell her about something nice that I had done for her, andI dreamed her three days before, I dreamed that I saw her watering the roses, in a paradise, from the window, and I told my mother”, revealed the singer.

In this sense, the cumbiambero considered that the decision to recover his freedom was a miracle from his grandmother. It is nothing else, I was going to be 21 years old, it is 21 years of my life that is not life “narrowed.

john kelvin was this Thursday afternoon in love and fire to tell his truth, after having been imprisoned for more than a year in the Lurigancho prison for a strong complaint from his still wife Dahlia Duranwho accused him of having psychologically, physically and sexually assaulted her.

The cumbiambero talked about his new ventures and announced that he will relaunch his brand of handbags and wallets, in addition to founding an NGO. “I have a human group of 20 people inside the prison and we are giving them work, it is more I am creating an NGO called ‘Opportunity Two’, ‘Second opportunities’, This NGO makes it possible for these people to be reinserted from within prison, so that when the time comes for them to be released, they have a job and work with us in the factory.” he said in conversation with Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, assuring at the same time that he has invested capital in this business.

Also, john kelvin revealed that while in jail, he took the time to write two books, the same ones that will be published in 2023. “One is called ‘Media, from the stages to prison’, and the second book is a book that talks about reaching a place you never thought you would reach, such as jail. It is ‘Welcome to paradise, the house of the soapmaker’, andHe who does not fall slips or is pushed, that’s what prison is like”he explained.

At that momentGigi Miter He asked him if he had been imprisoned unjustly. “I consider that it was fair to have reached that place because I committed it and assumed it, and yes, it was what corresponded to me, I went through it, I accepted it, I assimilated it, I lived it, I felt it, I learned, because believe me I do not want to return to go through what I already went through, and it’s now or never because I’m not going to have another chance.”recognized the cumbiambero.

Finally, he clarified that he is not prohibited from leaving the country and that is why he will travel to Europe in March for a musical tour.

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