Join the polytechnic in Södertälje: “The application pressure has increased by 30-40 percent”

– The search pressure was higher already in 2020, but it is an even greater increase in 2021, says Oscar Tylstedt who is the education leader at Campus Telge.

Because he sees such a clear increase in the last two years, he concludes that there is a pandemic effect.

Campus Telge’s education manager Oscar Tylstedt.

– In addition, we have had to write a certificate to the foundation Trygghetsrådet, which can give money to salaried employees who have lost their jobs. We have not written such certificates before, says Oscar Tylstedt.

Expected high pressure throughout the country

For the new educations, including cooling and heat pump technicians, Campus Telge has no previous figures to compare with, but the education leader feels that slightly more than expected have also applied for them.

For the country as a whole, there are still no compiled statistics for the autumn of 2021, but Johan Lindahl at the Agency for Polytechnics also tracks an increased number of applicants at the national level.

– Between 2018 and 2020, we have seen an increase of 60 percent and my assessment is that we will break records in the number of applicants this year as well, says Johan Lindahl.

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