Joni Viale got nervous about him "Macri mufa" and he went out to say anything about Alberto

In one more class of anti-journalism led by Jonatan Viale from LN+ they came out to ensure that “the government is mufa” as any response to the campaign carried out from social networks that indicated that the one who brought bad luck was Mauricio Macri.

Viale could have chosen to explain to his audience that the mufa is about not very intelligent people who find a relationship between the result of a match and a person who is sitting in the stands. He could have talked for hours to deny the idea of ​​Macri mufa but he preferred to attack Alberto Fernández.

For Joni, the fact that the president goes to bed late because he stays working until the wee hours instead of cutting off at 7:00 p.m. to watch Netflix is ​​mufa. But she also assured that the president “eats a lot, drinks a lot, chats a lot, goes out a lot and takes little care of himself” all without the slightest check and measured according to the yardstick of… Jonatan Viale.

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