Jordhy Thompson’s funny christening in Colo Colo

The young forward Jordhy Thompson is living his second call in the first team of Colo Colo, but this is the first together with the professional team and for the same reason, he had to comply with the ritual to the players who are promoted.

Thompson and had his debut in Colo Colo, in the remembered match against Ñublense in Chillán of the first round, where the Cacique played with youths due to the decision of the Health Seremi to send the first team to quarantine.

The forward of only 17 years and that breaks it in the inferiors of the Eternal Champion, was baptized and he sang the song “There is no one else” by Sebastián Yatra, surprising the entire team of the Eterno Campeón, since the vast majority expected a cumbia or reggaeton and not something romantic.

The youth squad was singing and the forward Javier Parraguez He took it on his shoulders, unleashing laughter from all the players, who thoroughly enjoyed Thompson’s christening.

All this was captured by another youth squad, Jeyson Rojas, who transmitted the fun and romantic moment.

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