Jorge Benavides says he doesn’t look at the competition

the copycat Jorge Benavides commented that today he returns with ‘JB en ATV’ at 8:30 at night with the slogan of continuing to be the public’s favorite and with the reappearance of Enrique Espejo ‘Yuca’, who will be imitating the journalist Christopher Acosta, who was denounced by former presidential candidate César Acuña, and they will have a face-to-face meeting full of humor.

Jorge, you ended 2021 thanking the public for their support, what news is coming this year?

Last year we have worked hard and even, and this year will be much more to deliver the best to the public, who has always shown us their loyalty.

In the previews of the program, Enrique Espejo ‘Yuca’ is seen parodying the journalist Christopher Acosta in a meeting with César Acuña. Has he rejoined the cast?

This week we have invited him to the program and the response from the public has been positive, as they said: ‘we have missed him’, ‘Yuca is finally back’ and that shows that people love him. I think the invitation was successful and we will see later.

They are reinforced in the face of competition from other programs…

More than thinking about the competition, we seek to maintain fidelity with the content that we offer in the program. We like to always look ahead, not to the sides, we don’t compare ourselves with other spaces, but we do seek to renew sketches and of course, there is also a large audience that awaits our parodies.

Were you happy with the tuning in 2021?

There is an audience for everyone and we have always been among the first places in the audience, the good thing about competition is that it forces you to improve and the audience is the winner.

On the other hand, Jorge Benavides pointed out that he has no problem with Fátima Segovia having an Onlyfans account with adult content, participating in a family program. “The program is for the whole family, but Onlyfans is a private platform where you have to pay to access the material that she shares and it is for adults; so they are different things and it does not affect anything”JB commented.

Finally, he indicated that he would not detail the judicial case in which his brother Alfredo Benavides is being investigated for the alleged crime of money laundering with alleged money from the former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Carlos Burgos Horna, and who a few weeks ago was released from prison. preventive for nine months; and where his wife, Karin Marengo, has been involved.

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