Jorge Lanata was absent from Radio Miter: the reasons

Jorge Lanata He is one of the most recognized journalists in the world of politics, and the proof is that both his radio program “Lanata sin Filters” and his program on El Trece, “PPT”, have achieved very good ratings. Even, he has been very level in rating with his competition on the screen, “Who is the Mask?”, Despite being totally different formats and themes.

Nevertheless, Jorge Lanata gave sad news to his followers a few days ago, as he confirmed that he had made the decision to withdraw from El Trece in 2023, considering unfair competition in rating, since it is very uneven for a purely political format to compete against one of entertainment. Despite this, the journalist did report that until now, he will continue with his cycle on the radio.

The announcer is one of the most heard voices on Radio Mitre, where he shares space with Marina Calabró.

But his followers noticed that this Tuesday, September 20 Jorge Lanata was not in charge of “Lanata Sin Filters” as usual, which is why people began to speculate about a bigger problem, although Laura Ubfal confirmed on her “Gossip” program that it was due to a medical exam.

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