Jorge Rial on the Canosa exit of A24: "It was a direct order from Daniel Vila"

The host Viviana Canosa wanted to use a report with escraches, insults and attacks on leaders in her broadcast on Friday, and that would have generated her unexpected resignation from A24.

Specifically, the controversial spokesperson for the right-wing groups intended to spread an attack against the superminister of Economy, Sergio Massa, by such a tiny group during his visit to Rosario for the return of the train after 45 years.

The first versions of the dispute began to circulate on social networks, especially on Twitter, where host Jorge Rial posted: “She assures that it was a direct order from Daniel Vila.”


“Viviana Canosa left the channel. They did not let her put a critical report on Sergio Massa. She assures that it was a direct order from Daniel Vila,” Rial assured.

Statement from the America Group

Faced with the profuse dissemination of street videos taken by strangers with cell phones generating escraches with not only verbal but also physical violence against public officials, politicians and leaders in general and then uploading them to social networks, the company Grupo América has made the decision to do not spread them.

They because of the agitation that these strangers cause with their aggressions at a time when the country requires the collaboration of all political forces and society in general to maintain social peace and respect for institutions.

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