Jorge Valdivia is angry with the DT of Flamengo for having Arturo Vidal on the bench: “He cannot be giving himself that luxury”

Arturo Vidal could not prevent the fall of Flamengo last weekend in the classic against Fluminense, which in the few minutes on the pitch that the Colo Colo team had brought out all his leadership and fight on the pitch.

© Getty ImagesValdivia is angry with the DT of Flamengo for having Vidal on the bench.

Arturo Vidal could not avoid Flamengo’s fall last weekend in the classic against Fluminense. Mengao fell two to one on the scoreboard with the presence of King Arturo in the final minutes of the match, something that ended up making the former Cacique midfielder squirt, Jorge Valdivia.

El Mago is working as a communicator, commenting on the matches of the National Championshipas well as giving his wisdom and experience in the successful years he played in Brazilian soccer for which he gives his vision on the matter in the matches that have been broadcast.

However, during the classic that was played in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the commentator aimed his darts at the coach of the flamingoMr Dorival Juniorwho is giving himself the luxury of leaving Arturo vidal on the court, a situation for which he finished not enchanting the Magician.

“Vidal is a player who, due to leadership, dedication, fight, fighting for every ball, cannot be sitting on the bench”were the words that the former soccer player initially delivered about seeing how King Arthur fought each of the balls in the minutes that he was present on the court.

But that was not all, since he also contemplated that “That game showed it since he entered. Coach Dorival cannot be giving himself this luxury”stating in this regard his opinion that has to do with the presence of Arturo vidal in the flamingo.

The concrete thing is that the flamingo gave up important points in the Brasileirao with the mission of shortening the distance with the palm trees. The next meeting that Mengao will have It will be on Wednesday, September 28 from 7:00 p.m. facing Fortaleza.

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