José Velásquez rabid with Cueva: “I was waiting for him in the locker room and put his coke in him”

The ‘Patron’ never forgives. Jose Velasquez, one of the steering wheels with the most temperament of the peruvian team, recognize that this Thursday we play everything against Lionel Messi and company, but that doesn’t distract him from ‘billing’ Christian Cueva in an unmissable talk, with a message for the popular ‘Aladdin’ and the rest of his teammates. When this man speaks, the walls tremble. Your attention, because it speaks a great one.

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‘Patron’, have you already digested the defeat in La Paz?

I do not claim Christian Cueva for wanting to make a ‘tunnel’ …


When you lose a ball, you don’t walk back. Never give up something for lost.

In that dressing room at the end of the game, did you ‘square’ it?

A minimum ‘cocacho’ so that he does not make the same mistake again.

We go to the game against Messi and his friends …

You have to anticipate Lionel and cut all play.

Explain …

Do not let it flip. If you have it hand in hand, it will take you.


To all Argentines, but with a ball.

Does that still work?

The brave man endures the kick, but it hurts anyway. Therefore, when he gave one, in the next one he does not hide, but he releases it first.

What is the key to keep the three points?

Make ourselves owners of the midfield.

Anything else?

Have the ball longer than them. Brazil, in the 90 minutes, has 80 percent possession. That way you don’t give a chance to get them.

Do you earn from ‘handsome’?

I have played and faced several and I was never intimidated, in fact they went backwards.

It is that you transmitted respect.

I don’t know if it was because of my size, my face, or if they weren’t as brave as they claimed to be.

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Is it Gianluca Lapadula time?

I think Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán should no longer play for the national team. They already did what they had to do.


Let them go and people remember how important they were to La Blanquirroja. They have no need to continue playing pitying.

What leave a good memory?

They no longer run, they walk.

Did you ‘transform’ with the Argentines?

In the field, yes. Off the court, it was another.

A player who has surprised you?

Marcos López. He does not show nerves, he has good technique, he goes up, goes, comes and on top of that he is fast.

Do you have faith of a triumph in Buenos Aires?

We have to believe in this team that gave us beautiful moments and I hope that this time they give us joy.

But going out without ‘giving ourselves away’?

Argentina is currently a fairly young team, they run all the time and they know with the ball. You have to be very careful.

A big hug and that everything goes well for Peruvian football …

At your service and a ¡Arriba Peru! forever.



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