Joselito’s ex sinks Jazmín Pinedo after denying that he got into their relationship

Tatiana Merellex-partner and mother of the son of Joselito Carrera, He decided to break his silence to talk about the remembered ampay that the television host starred in with Jazmín Pinedo in 2017.

Despite the fact that the “Chinita” assured several times that she never messed with a married man, Merel affirms that she was with the actor when the images where she appears kissing the influencer were spread.

The Peruvian model spoke briefly by telephone with a reporter from the program “Magaly Tv: La Firme”, who asked her if it was true that she had a relationship with Joselito when the alleged affair with her was made public. Jasmine Pinedo.

Yes, she was with Joselito at that time. When I saw the ‘ampay’ I was with Joselito. (How did you claim him?) Well, they are intimate things that this moment came out of me but nothing more“, answered Tatiana Merell.

About, Magaly Medina attacked again Jasmine Pinedo for denying this episode of his life, despite the fact that years ago he had already recognized that the actor preferred his family to his relationship.

Clear as water. Tatiana Merel no longer wants to remember that episode. She was with Joselito when they saw the ampay. They had a relationship, they even lived together and she had to live that humiliation “questioned the ‘Urraca’, who maintains a confrontation with the host of “+ Shows”.

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