Josimar accompanied María Fe Saldaña to a beauty shop and waited for her for several hours.

HELLO, MY GUY. I arrive packed to tell you the latest from ‘Chollywood’… The model VANIA BLUDAU revealed on her social networks that she is in love and published a photo with a mysterious lover. Congratulations… Another who is in love is the salsa singer JOSIMARwho accompanied MARIA FAITH to a beauty shop and waited several hours for her. Ayayayyy… NICOLA PORCELLA He said that he cannot renew his personal documents, since someone registered in the Reniec that he had died last August. Oopsss..

LOOK: Karen Schwarz and Ezio Oliva vacillated rich in a concert by Juan Luis Guerra

BRUNELLA OVEN Y MELISSA KLUG They had a little friction in “America hoy” because the host asked “Blanca de Chucuito” to say which team she will play for JESUS ​​BOAT the next year and she replied that this was not for her. Hmm… IGNACIO BALADÁN He is also in Qatar and was there yesterday supporting Uruguay in the draw against South Korea. Well there…

YESENIA VILLANUEVA She said that she has a boyfriend in the United States and soon they are going to get married and fix their papers… Well, I’m on the run because my sweetheart says that today she’s doing a little chalaquita… Suuuaaaveee.

Rebeca Escribens was in charge of Verónica Linares’ makeup and hairstyle for Valeria Piazza’s wedding

Tula Rodríguez danced ‘pegadita’ to Mario Irivarren at the wedding of Valeria Piazza

Tula thought how good it would be for her husband, the late Javier Carmona, to be present at their daughter’s birthday

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