Journalist arrested after the disclosure of the Amini case – at the same time the death toll rises

The Iranian government is cracking down on protesters and regime critics – most recently with the arrest of the journalist who was the first to visit the hospital where Amini was in a coma and expose the case.

The arrest of Nilufar Hamedi has been confirmed by her employer, Sharg newspaper, on Telegram. The photographer Yalda Moaiery, who covered the protests, has also been arrested this week, reports AFP.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ, is demanding their immediate release.

The death toll is rising

At the same time, there are reports that Iranian security forces fired sharply at protesters, including in the city of Oshnaviyeh in the north, according to the Kurdish human rights organization Hengaw.

Iranian state television has reported that 26 people were killed in the clashes between police and protesters. The Oslo-based human rights organization IHR, however, states a significantly higher death toll – over 50 people.

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The protests in Iran are entering their sixth day. Photo: STR/EPA/TT

Protests and criticism of the regime are growing

What triggered the protests is 22-year-old Mahsa Aminis death in connection with her arrest by the country’s morality police, accused of wearing her hijab the wrong way.

Clips showing demonstrations in several parts of the country are being circulated on social media. Among other things, protesters have burned a police car and confronted police officers in Tehran, reports the news agency AP. In the city of Babol, protesters are said to have also set fire to a giant billboard with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s image.

Internet blocked

Amini’s death has also stirred emotions outside Iran. On social media, several women have shown their support by publishing video clips where they cut their hair, and in several countries, including Sweden, support protests for Amini have been organized.

The US has also announced that it is targeting sanctions against Iran’s morality police. In a statement, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says they hold the moral police responsible for Amini’s death.

In several places in Iran, government-supported counter-demonstrations have also taken place. The regime has too limited internet and social media to try to curb the protests.

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