Journalist Émilie Tran Nguyen announces very good news!

Journalist Émilie Tran Nguyen, who had been absent from television sets in recent months to give birth to a baby boy, revealed the date of her return to the presentation of the 12/13 newspaper from France 3.

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It’s back to school for Emilie Tran Nguyen! It has been several weeks since the 37-year-old journalist was absent from television sets. Indeed, the one that viewers are used to seeing every noon for the Diary 12/13 on France 3, and every evening in It’s up to you, on France 5, was on maternity leave. Already the mother of a little girl named Ava, the companion of the columnist of the show C Policy Maxime Darquier this time gave birth to a little boy named Pio. It is also Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine who revealed the information at the start of her talk show, on June 10.

Nice to meet you…

But this Monday, September 19, 2022, fans of Émilie Tran Nguyen can rejoice, since she will be back on the air. In a tweet posted on Sunday, the young mother announces: “After 4 months away from the news and many twists and turns, tomorrow is the recovery“, she wrote, thinking: “Delighted to meet you at 12/13 for a new season, rich in news, emotion and above all, always closer to you..“The journalist also takes advantage of this message to express her thanks to Sophie Le Saint, who had wished her colleague “a good recovery on 12/13“, at the end of her edition this Sunday. If Émilie Tran Nguyen does not specify it in her post, we can deduce that she should be back quickly in C à Vous, too.

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A temporary return?

But the return of Émilie Tran Nguyen to head the 12/13 may well be short-lived. Laurent Guimier, the director of information for France Television is actually working on a reform providing for the abolition of the national editions of France 3 (and the extension of the regional news). A disputed upheaval within the editorial staff, which would logically cause the journalist and her colleagues to lose their seat. Asked in the Parisianthis Monday, the leader affirms all the same the presenters would not be without occupation: “There will be in our new slices of information chronicles, immersions and long-term reports, in which they could fit“, he explains.

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