Joy Behar tells people to ‘go out’ for Thanksgiving

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Joy Béhar has some tips for those struggling to share both their sexual orientation and political beliefs this Thanksgiving year with the family… get out!

During Wednesday’s episode of “The View” Whoopi Goldberg asked the question of how best to avoid talking politics at this year’s celebrations. While actors think politics may not be as controversial as it was the year before… Behar had other advice.

The host said, “Get out, just get out… see what happens. “

Not quite sure what she meant, a confused Whoopi asked, “Get out… the door?” “

But, Behar didn’t mince words when he said, “Go out gay. Be yourself… life is short. She continues, “Don’t let anyone tell you what you need to be in this life. “

While Joy’s intentions were clearly positive, some certainly thought that she didn’t understand how difficult it can be for people to go out… especially in non-tolerant families.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hey Joy, I have a transgender son and I’m so proud of him, but most parents are not like me, some will resort to violence just because their child is gay, so please don’t tell people to come out just to see. what is happening that can be disastrous. “

Another said: “It is incredibly dangerous to tell people to go out with their families just to ‘see what’s going on’. Many of our fellow community members face real threats to their lives if they reveal themselves to their families. “

Finally, the audience of “The View” applauded Joy, although the timing was still a little awkward.

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