Juan Luis Guerra: The second concert of the singer is suspended after the closure of the Arena Perú

FANS SUFFER. The second concert of Juan Luis Guerra, which was scheduled for this Wednesday, November 23, was canceled due to the closure of the ‘Arena Perú’ venue, located in the Jockey Plaza. The Municipality of Surco made this decision after the capacity exceeded the limit of people and generated agglomeration in the place.

The Supervision Department of the Municipality of Surco has reacted after hundreds of fans denounced a possible tragedy in the place due to the overselling of tickets for the show. Consequently, the organizing company received an economic sanction.

Despite the fact that the sale of alcohol was prohibited, the company breached the contract and that is why it received a fine of 2,300 soles. In addition, another penalty of 4,600 soles was imposed for not respecting the capacity of people.

More than 5,000 tickets were oversold, according to the district municipality. The venue was only allowed to enter 9,000 people, however, they decided to sell 14,037 tickets for the first show.

Concert by Juan Luis Guerra: the company is sanctioned for allowing the entry of 5,000 people over the permitted capacity

Arena Peru collapses with a concert by Juan Luis Guerra: the public is left out due to full capacity and they “explode”

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