Juan Manzur: “What is fundamentally sought is to reassure the macroeconomy”

Monday, August 01, 2022 | 8:53 a.m.

Juan Manzur, Chief of Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation. / Photo: Archive

Juan Manzur, Chief of Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation. / Photo: Archive

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Juan Manzur, assured this morning that “what the National Government is fundamentally seeking is to reassure the macroeconomy, and from there continue promoting growth and development.” And he added: “All of us, as we always do, are going to accompany and continue helping so that Argentina does well.”

In statements to the press before entering the Casa Rosada, the official also highlighted the evolution of exports, “which at the end of July continued at record levels for Argentina” and stressed that “what has to be done is to continue in this growth path.

Regarding the relationship with agriculture, he remarked: “We have to continue working together, I think the conditions are in place to strengthen our country. Although the situation is complex at a global level, Argentina has a great future because it has what the world needs today. That is an advantage and that is why, in this context, we have to keep looking forward”.

Manzur stated that there is “a very positive expectation for this week” with the incorporation of Sergio Massa at the head of the ministry that will group the portfolios of Economy, Productive Development and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, and in that sense he asserted that “we are going to continue promoting growth and development to generate more work in Argentina”.

Manzur considered that Massa “is a person with a great capacity for work and who knows the State closely”, he assured that “the conditions are in place to get ahead” and added in that sense: “He has made a very good impression, we have already seen How have the markets responded? We have full confidence in Sergio Massa’s ability to work, in the links, in the relationships and in the knowledge he has”.

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