Judge Capuchetti delegated the investigation into the attack on Cristina Fernández to prosecutor Rívolo

Wednesday November 23, 2022 | 5:52 p.m.

Federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti delegated to prosecutor Carlos Rívolo the investigation into the attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, judicial sources informed Télam.

He did it while the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires analyzes whether to remove or maintain the judge in the investigation, based on a challenge raised by the complaint of the vice president who reproached the magistrate for having stopped different lines of investigation.

Despite having rejected his recusal and having prepared a report with which he intended to counter the criticism of the complaint, this afternoon Judge Capuchetti sought an alternative way out to try to decompress the tension around the investigation and delegated it.

“Since the challenge is before that court (the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber), I must find a procedural remedy that tends to the best administration of justice and the validity of the acts that are taken, hereinafter, with that north,” said the judge.

“For this reason, I will have to delegate the investigation of the present case CFP 2998/2022, its related and investigation files, to the Federal Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor No. 2 (in charge of Dr. Carlos Rívolo),” continued the magistrate in the 4-page resolution to which Télam agreed.

“Finally, I must point out that the temperament chosen here in no way implies ignoring the express directive of the Superior to proceed, with the haste that the case imposes, to elevate the cause to its plenary stage,” he warned.

On this point, that the prosecution “has the expeditious route” of article 215 Criminal Procedure Code for, “in case of understanding that the instruction is complete in any of its sections (or in its entirety), advance in that line “.

The judge decided to place the investigation in the hands of the prosecution 83 days after the beginning of the investigation and one day after the complaint questioned her not having ordered any evidence measure after receiving a report, on October 26, with more information extracted from the cell phone of one of the defendants.

For the attempted assassination of the vice president, the attacker Fernando André Sabag Montiel and his accomplice Brenda “Ámbar” Uliarte are being arrested and prosecuted as co-perpetrators; while as secondary participants are Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo and Agustina Díaz, who was released.

Carrizo is the supposed owner of the snowflake-making machine that Sabag Montiel and Uliarte sold, while Díaz is a close friend with whom “Ámbar” spoke about her desire to kill the vice president.

The last presentation of the complaint referred to information found on Carrizo’s cell phone by the Directorate of Assistance in Criminal Investigations (DATIP) of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and embodied in a report incorporated into the file at the end of last month.

In that presentation, the complaint indicated that the attack of which Fernández de Kirchner was a victim “was not exclusively intended to kill the vice president” but also to “destabilize the political and constitutional system in general.”

“My friend tried to kill Cristina”, “It’s a blow we gave the government” and “this is going to get worse”, are some of the messages that Carrizo sent on September 2 to a person he trusted, close to at 7:40 a.m., according to the filing of the complaint to which Télam agreed.

Source: Telam

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