Judge postpones permanent brake to Mayan Train

Mexico City.- A federal judge in Mérida postponed until May 27 the hearing in which he will decide whether to suspend indefinitely the works of Section Five South of the Mayan Train, from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

Adrián Novelo, First District Judge in Yucatán, yesterday postponed the incidental hearing of the amparo trial 884/2022, according to records from the Federal Judiciary Council.

At that hearing, the judge will decide whether to grant a definitive suspension, which would be in force for the entire time that the trial process takes. It is the second postponement of the hearing, originally scheduled for April 22.

Given the postponement, the provisional suspension granted by the judge on April 12 remains in force, which has the following effect:

“That any act that has as its purpose the continuation of the construction of Section Five South of the Mayan Train be suspended or paralyzed, so that the execution of works related to its construction, infrastructure, removal or destruction of the biodiversity of the land is not allowed. or any other activity that implies its material execution”.

Last Thursday afternoon, the Collegiate Court on Labor and Administrative Matters, based in Mérida, unanimously confirmed said provisional suspension, in a judgment that is unappealable, by declaring two resources of the Government’s complaint unfounded.

Both the judge and the court agreed that the work, in charge of the companies Grupo México and Acciona Infraestructuras, cannot continue until there is an Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) that meets the legal requirements.

The original route of the train, parallel to Highway 307, was changed by the Government and now it goes through the jungle, which has caused protests and protection from environmental groups.

The judges have determined that a provisional authorization in environmental matters, granted based on a Presidential decree to exempt government priority works from paperwork, cannot be considered equivalent to an MIA.

Novelo has granted at least two other provisional suspensions against Section Five South, in amparos 820 and 82 1/2022m and according to an environmental group, on April 29 it granted one more that would also cover Section Five North, from Cancun to Playa from Carmen.

The violation of the provisional suspension, or in its final case, would give rise to criminal liability of the responsible officials, since it is a crime provided for in the Amparo Law.

Both Judge Novelo and the collegiate court are in charge of resolving all injunctions against the Mayan Train, regardless of the state in which the works are carried out.

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