Judiciary: If your partner promised you marriage and then does not comply, you can sue him for damages

The Superior Court of Justice of Lima Norte (CSJLN) reported that a person can request compensation for “damages or losses” from their ex-partner in case they promised marriage and then gave up.

Through a publication on social networks, the CSJLN He explained that the lawsuit must be filed within a year from the breaking of the promise.

If your partner proposed to you and then gave up, causing damage or harm; will be obliged to compensate you. The claim must be filed within one year from the breaking of the promise”, he indicated.

According to him article 240 of the Civil Codeif the promise of marriage is undoubtedly formalized between persons legally fit to marry and fails to fulfill the exclusive fault of one of the promisor, thus causing damages to the other or to third parties, he will be obliged to compensate them.

He also detailed that the action must be filed within a year from the breaking of the promise. Within the same period, each of the fiancés can revoke the donations they have made in favor of the other by reason of the projected marriage.


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