Judith Williams and Katja Burkard: It wouldn't work without our men!

Judith Williams and Katja Burkard: It wouldn’t work without our men!

Emancipation does not mean doing without men!

Female empowerment can also look like this: men and women. All generations. Strengthened togetherness instead of against each other.

So think too “The Lion’s Den” judge Judith Williams (51) and moderator Katja Burkard (57). In the BILD interview, they say that without their husbands, their success would never have been so great.

It is an event dedicated to equality. BILD presenter and bestselling author Nena Brockhaus (30) and “Traumschiff” actress Vivien Wulf (29) gathered 100 women AND men of all ages at the “Women on Top” event in Düsseldorf. It was controversially debated – including uncomfortable questions.

Nena Brockhaus and Vivien Wulf are the organizers of the event, Franca Lehfeldt moderated the event (from left)

Foto: Getty Images for WomenOnTop

The guests: Judith Williams, RTL presenter Katja Burkard, Sports show presenter Esther SedlaczekBILD Vice Paul Ronzheimer and many other greats from show, journalism and politics.

The message from entrepreneur and den of the lion judge Judith Williams: “Women only is not enough for me, because one thing also requires the other, meaning: Successful women need successful men by their side and vice versa.”

Nevertheless, she emphasizes that women can also do it alone – but it is not a must.

Judith Williams: “HE always believed in me”

Williams also used the “Women on Top” event to privately thank her husband, producer and actor Alexander-Klaus Stecher (55), for their career and life together.

She emphasizes the luck of having someone who gives her her freedom: “I wish every woman had a man like that. I would never have made it without him.” Her career and their four children together would not have been possible without him.

Williams to BILD: “As a brand name, I am of course more visible to the outside world, but he has accompanied me from the beginning as a consultant and manager in all important matters and of course he still does so today with great commitment. I am very grateful to him for that. He has always believed in me where I have often doubted and encouraged me where I have hesitated.”

Nena Brockhaus (“Viertel nach Eight”): “For me, Judith and Alexander live what makes ‘Women on Top’ what it is. A successful couple at eye level. Man and woman united in a common goal. Equal rights and equal duties. With ‘Women on Top’ we stand for equal rights, but no gender wars and no heated gender debates.”

RTL presenter Katja Burkard (57) is also convinced that social change cannot take place without men. “Equal rights must not mean that we exclude men,” she says in the BILD interview. “Fortunately, I know men who have always encouraged women and trusted them with everything!”

A clear statement!

Katja Burkard has been with the journalist Hans Mahr (73) for 25 years: they have two daughters together

Katja Burkard has been with the journalist Hans Mahr (73) for 25 years: they have two daughters together

Photo: dpa

And the presenter also speaks more privately than ever. Katja proudly to BILD: “My husband has always been a modern father, who of course took over his part, especially at night during the baby years. Otherwise it would have been difficult for me to be in the editorial office at 7 in the morning. I very much hope that parents will become even more real partners in family work in the future. There’s still a lot of room for improvement.”

The marriages of Katja Burkard and Judith Williams show that women can also rely on their husbands. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about a career or raising children. You are there for her!

This celebrity also supports young women

Also the former “Die Höhle der Löwen” juror Frank Thelen (47) appeared at the event with his wife Nathalie Thelen-Sattler. “I’m trying to encourage women, maybe a bit at the moment more to promote. My heart actually only stands for one hundred percent equality. We have had the man in the foreground for so long that we have to push and encourage women a bit,” Thelen told BILD.

Entrepreneur Frank Thelen came to the event with his wife Nathalie Thelen-Sattler

Entrepreneur Frank Thelen came to the event with his wife Nathalie Thelen-Sattler

Foto: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for WomenOnTop

But at the event there was not only talk, but the life of a young woman was permanently changed. The dedicated law student Theresa Pauli (24) won the annual “Women on Top” award, financed by the Brockhaus Group.

The prize: the repayment of her student loan of 4450 euros. Entrepreneur Caspar Brockhaus (39) to BILD: “Taking out a student loan is an entrepreneurial decision for the future of your own life. We would like to encourage that.”

The presentation of the

The presentation of the “Women on Top” event: (from left) moderator Franca Lehfeldt, artist Elena Erassmy, award winner Theresa Pauli, family entrepreneur Caspar Brockhaus

Foto: Getty Images for WomenOnTop

TV presenter Franca Lehfeldt (33) led through the evening. Lehfeldt to BILD: “It is an evening without enemy images and pigeonholing, there is dialogue instead of confrontation.”

Together instead of against each other – that’s how feminism works!

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