Jul, Hamza, Ninho: Netflix reveals guest artists in its rap competition "New school"

The Niska, Shay and SCH jurors will be supported by rap big names in order to unearth the next hip-hop talents across France. The first episode will air June 9 on Netflix.

In 2020, Netflix had announced the start of the French version of Rhythm+Flow, a musical competition, 100% urban, in search of the hip-hop or rap revelation of tomorrow. After two years of waiting, this show, carried by three big names in French-speaking rap – Shay, Niska and CHS who will officiate as judges – began to reveal itself at the beginning of May through a first trailer.

This Wednesday, Netflix shared new images in which are detailed the many artists who will support the jury in their selection and who will accompany the candidates throughout the show. Mentioned in particular are the rappers Jul, Youssoupha, Hamza, Dinos, Zola, Gradur, Soso Maness, Ninho… The first of the eight episodes of New school will be available from June 9 on the platform.

Find new talent

In this show Shay, Niska and SCH will travel through their home towns (Brussels, Paris and Marseille respectively) to try to unearth new talents. They will then accompany their proteges in freestyle, battles, then writing a song and making a clip. At stake: a reward of 100,000 euros.

“We have each returned to our cities in search of the nugget. (…) They will be confronted with everything that rappers can know”, declares Niska in the trailer.

This rap-centric tele-hook is starting a small television revolution, estimated SCH in a press release unveiled in 2020 when the project was announced by Netflix: “All my youth, I saw competitions of this type but never for our culture. Today, with New schoolwe finally have the opportunity to mark a major turning point for French rap.”

New school is an adaptation of the American program of the same name, launched by Netflix in 2019. The roles of judges were provided by T.I., Cardi B and Chance The Rapper.

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