Julián Gil and his difficult arrival in the United States

Julian Gil He is a successful soap opera heartthrob, but this did not come easy to him. The Argentine actor recounted in the documentary series, “My life”, how was his arrival in the United States and the difficult situation What happened when he was illegal?

Canela TV has been producing other programs with similar formats such as “Secretos de villana” in which Latin American television actresses revealed intimate aspects of their lives.

Similarly, “My Life” includes the testimonies of multiple artists such as Kate del Castillo, Manolo Cardona, Ludwika Paleta, Guy Ecker, Jencarlos Canela, Roselyn Sánchez, Gaby Espino and Danny Trejo.

The Serie will have ten episodes and three of them are already available in the . Before continuing, watch here the trailer of “My life”.


Although Julian Gil’s episode in “My Life” has not yet been released, the actor gave a preview of things to come. In an interview with said that one of the topics that will be shown in the series is his arrival in the United States without documents.

In ‘My life’ I was able to recount things that I have never recounted, such as my arrival in the United States illegally. I think that this is an element that I have seldom mentioned, I came to the United States illegally and it hit me hard. I saw them black”, he explained.

He also assured that he had to work hard to get to where he is, but that he chose to talk about this topic to inspire other people and show them that anything is possible.

Julián Gil had a son with actress Marjorie de Sousa (Photo: Julián Gil / Instagram)

Julián Gil had a son with actress Marjorie de Sousa (Photo: Julián Gil / Instagram)

We are Latino and somehow we have been able to get by in a land. I am proud to show that I came from below, that it cost me. I am where I am based on sacrifices. The message, for example, in my case is that it is possible, that there are no limits, that the important thing is to dream, that (you have to) believe in yourself”, he added.

Among other topics that the soap opera actor discussed such as “Sortilegio” (2009) and “Eva Luna” (2010), he also recounted the health scare he suffered when he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

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