Julian Reim gives the all-clear after flu infection: He and Matthias Reim are fine again

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Of: Jonas Erbas

On the mend: Julian Reim gives the all-clear regarding his health and that of his father Matthias Reim (photomontage) © Star-Media/Andreas Weihs/Imago

Concern about Matthias Reim was great after the hit star had to cancel several concerts due to illness. His son Julian Reim had also fallen ill in the meantime. Luckily the two are doing much better now.

Cologne – For a long time it seemed unclear how Matthias Reim’s (all news about the pop star) health really was after the pop star had canceled several concerts due to illness. In the meantime, his son Julian, who had accompanied the “Damn, I love you” interpreter on his tour, had to struggle with the consequences of a flu infection. Now the all-clear is finally given!

After concert cancellations by Matthias Reim and son Julian – pop singer gives the all-clear

Schlager fans who are enthusiastic about concerts have looked into the tube in the past few weeks: Matthias Reim and his son Julian had canceled several shows due to illness – a flu infection is said to have been to blame for the failures in Nuremberg, Gera, Mannheim and other cities, such as the 26- year-old son of the famous hit rocker had announced via Instagram.

At “MDR um 4” the pop newcomer (the biggest German pop stars) finally gave the long-awaited all-clear: “Unfortunately, we were caught by the flu. Matthias totally knocked it out, I drove him home. Then knocked me out, all of us. It was good that we stopped there, because health is much more important. (…) Everyone is fine, don’t worry!”

Matthias Reim and Julian catch up on unusual concerts – hit shows in August and December

They will “catch up on what we missed,” Julian Reim also promised – he and Matthias Reim will be going to the catch-up shows later this year, which will take place in August (Wolfhagen, Nuremberg, Gera) and December (Mannheim, Cologne, Neunkirchen/Saar) are pending.

But other stars are also apparently worrying the fans: Jürgen Drews caused a few question marks with “completely empty and expressionless” eyes in the “ZDF television garden” – how is the king of Mallorca really doing at the moment? Sources used: mdr.de, instagram.com/julianreim_official

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