Julien Bayou proposes a ban on private jet flights

Julien Bayou proposes a ban on private jet flights

A measurement “less drastic than the ban on traffic during periods of pollution” : the deputy Europe Écologie Les Verts (EELV) Julien Bayou came this Sunday, March 19 to Nice, an important platform for business aviation, to defend his bill banning private jet flights.

How the hyper-rich are burning the planet

“Is it radical to force an ultra-rich to fly (commercial, Editor’s note) or to take the train, because in fact that’s it, if we ban private jet flights ”wondered Julien Bayou during a conference held in front of the tarmac of Nice airport, the second French platform for business aviation behind Paris-Le Bourget.

The sequel after the ad

“Paris-Lille, Paris-London or Paris-Brussels can very well be done by train, in first class, in a very comfortable way, and failing that by plane” (commercial), estimated the deputy of Paris.

“A Paris-Nice round trip by plane is the consumption of a car over one year”pointed out the elected ecologist, who came by train to the Côte d’Azur.

Climate: limit the plane, up to what point?

Presented by some twenty deputies including Delphine Batho and Sandrine Rousseau, this bill aimed at “to ban private jet flights” to promote the ecological transition will be presented on April 6 during the day reserved for ecologists at the Assembly.

The ban would apply to “non-scheduled passenger air transport services not operated commercially”as well as non-scheduled public air transport services “whose number of passengers is less than sixty”.

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