Julien Doré moved by finally meeting his idols thanks to Bigflo and Oli (PHOTO)

Julien Doré is the idol of thousands of French people, but he himself admires famous people. In the clip of Bigflo and Oli for their title stroke of lifex, where he also sings, the coach of The Voice Kids had the honor of meeting those of whom he is a fan. A great surprise !

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For many years, thousands of people have been carefully following Bigflo and Oli. The group of rappers who do not take the lead had however decided to take a media break, not necessarily being comfortable with notoriety. And after more than a year and a half away from the media, they are back with a new album titled The others are us. Among the titles present on this opus which has 21 songs, Getting oldrecorded with Julien Dore. And who says exceptional guest, says incredible clip. This Sunday, September 18, Bigflo and Oli shared on their Youtube channel the clip they shot without really telling the coach of The Voice Kids.

Julien Doré caught off guard on the set of his clip with Bigflo and Oli

A month ago, we asked you for clip ideas for our feat with Julien Doré. We chose 50 ideas. We didn’t say anything to Julien. He’s on his way to shoot the clip“, can we read in the introduction of the video. Barely arrived at the filming location, he is welcomed by the two new coaches of The Voice while filming has already begun: “Are you ready for the music video Getting old ?“, they ask him. Without having the choice, the interpreter of Coco Cuddle let himself be guided through the corridors of a school. There he is, linking plans highlighting the ideas of subscribers: a game of pétanque, a brass band, look-alikes of the artist, zucchini, or even a retirement home.

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In fact, I want to cry

Julien Doré continues to follow his two friends without really knowing what to do, when all of a sudden he finds himself face to face with his idols: Hélène Rollès, Laly Meignan and Philippe Vasseurthree leading actors in the series Helen and the boys and Holidays of love. Obliged to continue to shoot the clip, he is content to greet them. But at the end of the shoot, he confides that he can’t believe it. “you are sick“, he swings still shocked since he had never met them. In fact, I want to cry, he adds. A beautiful moment that he immortalized on his social networks. I can stop everything now, he wrote in the caption of a photo of him posing with his idols. A dream come true.

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