Julien Doré strikes a pose with Karine Le Marchand and makes a fun nod to Love is in the meadow

Julien Doré has never hidden it, he is a faithful Love is in the meadow. He has also diligently followed this season of the M6 ​​dating program, as he has demonstrated on social networks. He had thus wanted to arbitrate the debate between Nathalie, Jean’s suitor and her rival Laurence, about the dough to be used to concoct a quiche Lorraine. He had also reacted to an already cult scene of this last edition, which had taken place again at Jean. The look-alike of Annie Cordy had attended, dumbfounded, the kiss between his rival and the farmer at the guinguette. To pay tribute to them, the singer had made it his Twitter banner.

A photo that is unanimous on Twitter

This Thursday, November 24, the interpreter of Paris-Seychelles this time posed with Karine Le Marchand, the host of the program, promising that he would participate in the next season of the M6 ​​show. “Can’t wait to read your letters ladies after the broadcast of my portrait in the new season of Love is in the meadow on @M6″he wrote in the caption of this shot, following his text with the hashtag “ADP for ever (ADP forever). The host took this photo, as well as that of Julien Doré with a huge zucchini grown in his garden subtitled “can’t wait to read your letters, rascal of fate”, in his Instagram stories. “I love this person”, she indicated. Internet users also greatly appreciated its publication. “You’re going to break the record for letters received with this kind of ad!!”, “Oh naughty fate, I don’t believe it!!! I’m jubilant”, “The mailbox is going to explode!!!”, they commented enthusiastically.

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The singer could have signed up for the program

On the set ofAs an asideJulien Doré had confided to being a fan of the show, to the point, he had reported, that he could have registered for it. “But I am still touched, each time, by the [prétendants]. You realize ? Well there obviously it’s filmed, so there are cameras, microphones with poles like that, then lots of people, but it’s still a sign that in a society where there is a tyranny of acceleration , the haste, the relationship between us, of: ‘Hello, how are you?’ ; ‘Hello – goodbye’, well, at that time and in our country particularly, there are areas where bonding between us is not necessarily obvious, what”, he analyzed. Before concluding with sincerity:And that touches me, that’s it!

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