Julio Lamas: “The fundamental pact is to play for the team and not for oneself”

With more than thirty years working uninterruptedly nationally and internationally, Julio Lamas is a benchmark in Argentine sports. This trajectory and experience, together with his conceptual clarity, make him an authoritative voice when it comes to talking about leadership and group management.

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That is why from Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys, with the accompaniment of Río Uruguay Seguros, we are proud to have received him at our facilities to carry out a talk in which more than 500 people participated, and in which club leaders were also present. of athletes and coaches from the various disciplines of the club, together with the referents of the professional team Maximiliano Rodríguez, Ignacio Scocco and Fernando Belluschi.

In just over an hour and a half, Lamas focused on the importance of teamwork and the formation of working groups with clear objectives. “There is a fundamental pact, which is to play for the team and not for oneself. The coach has to convince the athlete to do it because it suits him, because it is the best for everyone and, therefore, also for himself. The team belongs to everyone and it is sacred, ”he said.

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Continuing with this line, he explained what the role of the group leader should be: “I don’t ask for results, I ask for returns. And excuses are the main enemy of performance and teamwork. That is why there must be a certain level of self-demand and the fundamental pact not be broken. Players must be willing to control their egos within reasonable limits and make sacrifices for the team.

He also referred to the importance of communication, stating that “it is essential for a team to know how to communicate its projects and objectives, for the coach to be clear about his game system and what he wants for the team, and also with regard to the basic rules of coexistence. For this, it is essential to open the communication space with the player so that he can say what he thinks and feels ”.

Another of the topics on which the talk turned has to do with leadership. In this regard, he highlighted: “The leader has the esteem of those who lead. And I, as a coach, start from a situation of affection for the players; I try to understand them, to give as well as demand. A leader is the one who manages to convince the players that what they are doing is good for the team ”.

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