Julio Rodríguez and the little continuity in Omar Carabalí’s career: “When you don’t have a good training you are exposed to making mistakes”

The former goalkeeper coach in Colo Colo analyzed what has been the career of Omar Carabalí, who at 25 years old has not been able to consolidate himself in professionalism and today is the second goalkeeper behind Brayan Cortés.

Carabalí has ​​barely played eight official matches in the Colo Colo goal.
© Guillermo Salazar and Colo Colo.Carabalí has ​​barely played eight official matches in the Colo Colo goal.

Omar Carabalí is a goalkeeper who, despite being 25 years old, has not been able to establish himself as a professional. In Colo Colo he has been second or third goalkeeper for several seasons, even having a loan to San Luis de Quillota in 2020, where he enjoyed a little more continuity.

The lack of opportunities are making the meta born in Ecuador and nationalized Chilean is studying again the chance to go on loanespecially considering the great level of Brayan Cortés under the Cacique’s three sticks and in the national team in recent times.

One who analyzed this situation was Julio Rodríguez, former Colo Colo goalkeeper coachwho in conversation with DaleAlbo was quite hard with the formation process that Carabalí had, whom he was able to meet in his years working at the Monumental.

“The Omar Carabalí thing is something extreme. Colo Colo made him a contract without having seen him play a single game, not even in the youth. He did not have a training process and now, when you do not have that process and you have to play in the professional team, you are very exposed to making mistakes that can cost you dearly”, said Claudio Bravo’s trainee.

In that sense, Hulk argued that “It happened to Nacho González, but he finally had a training process. Omar was only seen playing when he was 19 or 20 years old. I spoke with José Luis Sierra, who was the coach, and told him that he was part of the first team without having played yet. It’s an extreme case.”

“When that happens and you lose the formation, you are exposed. At any moment that passes the account. We saw him in the Sub19 and he was champion saving in a final against the U, but in the first team the weight of responsibility is different. There are mental things that can also pass the billlike being a little nervous or anxious,” he added.

To conclude, Rodríguez pointed out that “lColo Colo goalkeepers must have some different qualities, be a little more complete than the rest. The evaluations have to be done by the goalkeeper coaches and the club coaches, they must be held responsible. You have a second goalkeeper that you can’t do certain things with and if you look back, you’ll see that he didn’t have the proper training.”

Carabalí has ​​played eight official matches in the Colo Colo goal since alternating in the first team since 2017, conceding four goals.

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