Julio Rodríguez sees a real return of Bravo to Colo Colo

The return of Claudio Bravo to Colo Colo is something that is in the minds of many Albos fans, especially those who enjoyed their first years in professionalism with the Cacique and their historic performances with the Chilean team.

One who knows the goalkeeper well is Julio Rodriguez, who trained him at the Monumental and is one of his closest in the world of football. For Hulk, Bravo’s return is possible, but it will go hand in hand with what Colo Colo can offer him for 2022.

In conversation with DaleAlbo the former goalkeeper claimed that “We are talking about age and I think Claudio is still young. The timing will depend on what he says. He has extraordinary genetics for the goalkeeper position. There are archers who have played until they were 42 years old, more or less with the similar physique of Claudio. It will depend on how much he wants to play ”.

“I would love for Colo Colo to have the opportunity to bring him back, it would be very important. We need him to motivate the boys so that they want to play in the goalkeeper position, that they want to be like Claudio Bravo. That does not happen in Chile. Here we still continue putting the chubbiest or the baddest to the goal “added.

In that sense, Rodríguez argued that “It would be good for him, because he started there and he knows what a club is. It is like your home. We are going to see what he decides, because deep down we can have many wishes, but he has to do with his career ”.

Claudio Bravo

Claudio Bravo is currently at Real Betis in Spain. | Photo: Getty Images.

“If Colo Colo gets to play international tournaments in 2022 it would be a good challenge. The doors are wider with that and Claudio could get excited. I never wanted to ask him in the past, but when we talked the most possible was that he will retire in Europe. There it will depend on the people of Colo Colo to change that idea ”, Hulk concluded.

Claudio Bravo started as a substitute this season of Spanish football at Real Betis, with the Portuguese Rui Silva chosen by Manuel Pellegrini to be the starter in these first La Liga matches.

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