Julión Álvarez meets again today with the border

Julión Álvarez meets again today with the border

Leticia Solares/The Diary

Saturday, June 18, 2022 | 05:00

Neither a devil nor a saint, simply the most pop earthly Mexican regional singer of the genre; the king of the box office, Julión Álvarez, who after facing a legal process with the United States Department of the Treasury has cleared his name and comes to celebrate with his border audience.

Julión and his norteño band return to the Juárez Fair in the Plaza de la Mexicanidad, to the same stage where in August 2017, just when the interpreter of “Incomparable” was in the eye of the hurricane, he faced the local media, explaining the situation – as far as his lawyers allowed – willing to give his best in a show that over three hours made it clear that despite the accusations, he would not give up.

It was in August 2017 when the photograph of Julio César Álvarez Montelongo, 39, appeared on the list of the most wanted by the US Department of the Treasury, after he was singled out for financial ties to organized crime.

From that moment and despite him denying the accusations against him, he was banned from social networks and digital platforms, his bank accounts and permission to work in the neighboring country were frozen. A storm was brewing that threatened his career and his personal well-being.

The interpreter of “Green Eyes” undertook a battle to clear his name and in a long and painful process, especially for the Chiapas family, since he confessed that the stain that weighed on his name had reached all his relatives.

Far from it, and despite the challenge of standing up, Álvarez remained on the battlefront, dedicated to his family, to the upbringing of his daughters María Isabel and María Julia, to the production of new music, to his personal presentations. in palenques and stadiums in the country, to take breaks at the ranch he has in his native Chiapas.

That relentless fight finally bore fruit and on May 27, he announced that the US government had removed him from the blacklist.

Without losing his good attitude, the big smile that characterizes him, the simplicity and frankness with which he has always shown himself to the public, the man from Chiapas returns to the border personally strengthened and with a repertoire that includes the song “Fuentes de Ortiz ”, inspiration and pen of the chihuahuense Ed Maverick.

The border people have been waiting for him since the Juárez Fair 2022 announced its show billboard, so since yesterday the VIP area is already sold out.


Logistics organizers of the fair make some recommendations for today’s audience to enjoy the show to the fullest:

-Arrive from the opening of the doors of the fair, at 5 in the afternoon; take advantage and live together, eat there in the multiple restaurant services of the fair, ride the mechanical games and visit the attractions of the fair until the time of the concert.

-Be hydrated, it will be a hot day and even at night at the time of the concert the expected temperature is 36 degrees

-You must use the five entrances to the fair to avoid crowds and long lines to enter: through Chermais, VIP entrance, main access

-It is convenient to use the official parking lots of the municipality, which are safe and guarded

-Avoid parking in the meadows because there will be infractions

– Preferably you must have an assigned driver, use Uber transfers, or go in a car at maximum capacity to avoid traffic and congestion in parking lots

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