Julión Álvarez returns to Spotify after leaving the US blacklist

Mexico City.- After Julión Álvarez left the black list of the United States Department of the Treasury, his thousands of fans celebrated what also represented the singer’s return to the stage and music platforms.

Now Spotify announces that Julion is back with all his music. In a statement, the platform explained that the Mexican regional singer already has a new official profile.

“We are very excited to announce that the discography of Julión Álvarez and his Norteño Banda, an icon of Mexican music, is available on Spotify,” the music platform detailed.

Julión, who was blacklisted by the Treasury Department for alleged links to organized crime, has now cleared his name and is back to compete for top spots on music platforms.

In 2015 he was the most listened to artist on Spotify in 2015, currently the Julión Álvarez y su Norteño Banda profile has more than 450 thousand monthly listeners and his most popular song is “Pongámonos de Agree”.

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