Jullien Ramírez celebrated screaming champion with Colo Colo

The victory of Colo Colo It was not only held in all the cities of Chile, but also abroad. It is the case that he lived Jullien ramírez, the forward of Canadian origin and Chilean father, was following the Cacique’s party in Germany.

This was how the player herself showed it on her social networks, sharing some messages celebrating the title of the Cacique in the Chile Cup. “Let’s go Colo Colo”, were the words that the athlete delivered.

Message from Jullien Ramírez on social networks.

And it is that one of the soccer player’s dreams is to come to Chile to wear the Cacique shirt, so she is carrying out some procedures to be able to make her life in our country while waiting for a chance in the white box.

Women’s football in Colo Colo continues to develop continuously, where the albas at this time face Deportes Iquique in the Monumental Stadium, achieving a momentary victory with the presence of the fans in Pedrero.

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