July 2022, driest July since 1959

While a new episode of heat affects the south-east of France from this Monday, August 1, the consequences of the drought of recent months are becoming known: the month of July was the month of July “the driest since 1959”, said the Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu.

“July 2022 is the driest month we have had since July 1959. We have an 88% rainfall deficit compared to what would have been necessary”, he said on France info this Monday. The minister quoted a “aggravating factor”: “We have the start of a heat wave which means that you have a drought which reduces water resources and a heat wave which increases demand. »

France experienced its driest July since measurements began in August 1958, Météo France confirmed.

“We are in a critical situation, this is a new sign that global warming is not a fad but a reality that is in the process of imposing itself”lamented Christophe Béchu.

13 billion spent in the next five years

If he quoted the 100 million euros “released under the water agencies to support territorial resilience measures” as well as “restriction orders throughout the territory”, Christophe Béchu specifies that“there are decisions of another nature to be made”:

“Water management goes through master plans that make ecological planning. We are talking about 13 billion that will be spent over the next five years, in particular to go towards reductions in consumption, the reuse of waste water, the fight against leaks. 20% of what is produced in our drinking water plants leaks. The fight against the waterproofing of our cities, this will allow the recharging of the water tables. »Stephen Pyne: “We are creating an Age of Fire”

And to add that solutions must be implemented “with an intensity, a determination, superior to those of now”.

35 to 39 degrees expected in the week

Western Europe faced a historic drought in July and two heat waves in barely a month, during which devastating forest fires broke out as in Gironde or now in Greece.

At the beginning of August, Ardèche, Drôme, Gard, Pyrénées-Orientales and Vaucluse were placed under orange vigilance in the south of France. They should cross a “new heatwave episode whose intensity and duration will be less than those of the previous episode”said Météo-France on Sunday in a bulletin.

“Monday afternoon, the temperatures will reach 35 to 38 degrees in the departments placed in orange vigilance with peaks at 39 degrees towards the Gard”adds Météo-France, the heat peak being expected on Wednesday across mainland France, “with highs often greater than or equal to 35°C and peaks at 39 or 40 degrees in the southwest”.

Drought in France: the water war is declared

This peak, however, should be “short in many departments”according to Steven Testelin, forecaster at Météo France, and cooler air could arrive Thursday from the northwest.

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