Jump FAST in the eye – sports presenter slams against the pool wall

Source: Instagram, BILD

That could literally have been eye-opening. That’s how you know the Swiss sports presenter Sylvia Walker … long blonde hair, a great figure and always a smile on her face. The 40-year-old likes to share her holiday fun with her more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and actually she can do it too. But this attempt to get into the cool water went really wrong. During her Croatia vacation at the Hotel Bellevue, the ex-model tries to do a somersault in the pool. Makes it, but doesn’t complete the turn and scrapes her face against the wall in the pool. The shock of the presenter of the Swiss broadcaster “Blue Sport” is still deep, she herself says to BILD: “Nothing happened with the first jumps, but then I was suddenly afraid and had an unsafe feeling that I would hit the wall could. And that manifested itself in me in such a way that I didn’t take enough momentum when jumping out of fear.” Luckily nothing else happened, a small scratch on the nose … nothing more. Luck in disguise, so to speak.

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