Jungle camp 2022: Jungle camp: Jasmin Herren’s beating confession

Advanced therapy: Glööckler talks about his violent childhood, “carpet slut” Janina about her sex affair with Dieter Bohlen.

Day 2 in the South African bush: The first argument is there at “I’m a star – get me out of here!”. And the first psychograms are revealed. The Zoff-O-Meter increases: the ring is clear for Janina “Teppichluder” Youssefian against Filip “Bachelor Legend” Pavlovic.

He, who has been sleeping in a hammock so far, asks for the beds to be changed. She, previously a bunk sleeper, is beside herself. This is followed by a verbal exchange of blows straight out of the TV trash textbook. Janina replies: “I have tick fever!” Filip: “You’re not a team player at all. That’s super shitty of you.” Janina: “Dude, I’ve got tick fever. Why doesn’t that go into your sparrow brain?” Filip: “I won’t let myself be called sparrow brain!” Janina: “I feel like I’m in kindergarten, hey!” Pavlovic has described himself in the jungle as a “light, frivolous, likeable guy” designated. The fuse is lit in the camp. And for some would-be celebrities, the emotional fuse is as short as their TV career.

Jungle camp: From the life of a “carpet slut”

Speaking of “career”: Janina Youssefian became notorious when her affair with the former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” judge Dieter Bohlen came to light. That was 21 (!) years ago. Since the affair, she has had the unfavorable nickname “carpet slut”.

In an interview with Anouschka Renzi and “Prince Pompöös” Harald Glööckler, she reveals a secret. She speaks openly about where the act was performed: “It wasn’t in the carpet shop, it was on the cutting table.” “Dieter always called at 4 p.m. and wanted to. Me always: ‘I can’t, I’m at work. Eventually ok, then come by, I’ll take a break.’” Dress up, pants down, the rest is trash history.

My dear sir, a spectator with a normal level of education has to cope with such confessions first. More useless knowledge from the sad (intimate) life of a Z celebrity is hard to endure. But it gets worse.

Jungle camp: Jasmin Herren unpacks about her marriage

For those who are curious and want to learn about a spanking confession, please read on, others are welcome to skip this paragraph. Jasmin Herren, widow of the “Lindenstrasse star” Willi Herren, also has deep scars on her soul and unpacks about her marriage. Her camp roommate, Manuel “Hardly anyone knows me” Flickinger, wants to know if it’s true that the two were no longer a couple before his death. Gentlemen: “No, we were never apart. we lied A few things happened.” She was threatened in her own home. “My husband was in a different TV format at the time.” And further: “There were always people who tried to break us up because it was supposedly my fault that Willi was taking some substances.” She had them several times called the police. There were also physical injuries. Several people beat her. Willi had an idea that she should go to a divorce lawyer. Everyone should think the couple is broken up. But what they really wanted was to run away and leave it all behind. “He was my great love. But now it’s good, I’m here to make a fresh start,” she says.

“Prince Pompöös” Glööckler also found a package deep inside him that he would like to open. The sociotope called jungle camp with its audience of millions is the best place for this. “My childhood was a trauma.” His abusive father beat his mother and ran after her with a knife in his hand. She dies when he is 13 years old. The camp is “like a cure” for him.

Jungle camp: Anouschka Renzi dives

Day 2 in the South African bush is like an advanced therapy session. Anouschka Renzi’s jungle test almost becomes a side note. For 15 minutes she has to dive for stars in a water tank. Eleven stars are hidden and fixed in different chambers. It’s pitch black in the tank. With her in the water: snakes, crabs and small crocodiles. Ultimately, she gets four stars. For the next test, the viewers voted for “cutting table slut” Janina and “Playboy model” Linda Nobat.

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