Jürgen Drews shows himself in the convertible with Schlager buddy and asks: “Well, do you recognize the young man?”

Jürgen Drews with Eric Philippi in a convertible.

© Jürgen Drews on Instagram

Jürgen Drews uses a convertible photo to draw attention to a colleague in the Schlager industry who is probably very close to his heart.

Munich – Jürgen Drews (born 1945) and Eric Philippi (born 1997) are more than 50 years old. But the two have a great passion in common: the hit! And they obviously already knew each other before Philippi had taken off. He has now won the “Schlagerchallenge 2021” – and TV presenter Kim Fisher accidentally blurted out that he will also be part of the next Florian Silbereisen show.

Schlager newcomer Eric Philippi: Jürgen Drews is happy with him

Eric Philippi’s career now led Jürgen Drews to dig out an old photo we shared with him, presumably taken on Mallorca. “Do you recognize the young man?” Asks Drews. “This is Eric Philippi with the amazing voice! The boy can not only sing really well, he is also a great guy and incredibly nice. Who would have thought during our excursion in my convertible across the island that you would be at home on the big stages so quickly? ”When exactly the photo was taken remains unclear – but according to the words it seems to be older.

Schlager newcomer Eric Philippi: Jürgen Drews wishes him every success

Drews is really happy for the hit newcomer: “I think it’s great. And if you don’t know him yet … just listen to it and you’ll be ‘shocked’ in no time! ”That is the title of his single. Drews will keep an eye on him: “Dear Eric, I wish you very, very good luck. I am sure that you will go your way. “

Drews’ daughter Joelina, who has recently been dating a young man from Munich, also likes the newcomer. Or at least the posting from dad. Because she leaves a comment full of little heart emojis. Two other hit hits have meanwhile announced their engagement. (lin)

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