Jürgen Vogel is clear, but do you recognize the other one? Two top stars pose in disguise in gas station

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From: Lara Listl

Screenshot of Instagram photo. Jürgen Vogel and Mario Barth disguised in a gas station. © Instagram: Mario Barth

Dressed in wigs and glasses, two German top stars pose in a gas station. Do you recognize them both?

Berlin – A few days ago a photo appeared on Instagram that could have put a smile on the face of some users. You can see two German celebrities who obviously had fun dressing up. Actor Jürgen Vogel should have recognized most of them immediately despite his wig and glasses. But what about the man to his left?

Jürgen Vogel and Mario Barth pose in disguise in a gas station

For those who have seen the Instagram post, the question is answered at a glance: The disguised person published it himself: It is the comedian Mario Barth who wrote his post with the words “As an internationally recognized superstar, this is just so awesome , no matter what you wear, it always looks great, ”comments.

Mario Barth posts a funny photo on Instagram: compliments are hailing

Instagram users confirm his comment: “Geile Friese” writes one, “you are so sexy” and “Jürgen Vogel just great” two others. Another one invites the two TV celebrities to a gas station in Schriesheim, because the coffee there probably tastes particularly good. Whether Jürgen Vogel and Mario Barth will accept the invitation remains questionable, but there was initially no answer.

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