Juric looks to the Verona model for the market: successful purchases and no crazy expenses

Calciomercato Torino / Juric asks Cairo and Vagnati not to make a mistake in their choices: “We need to see what qualities are needed in Verona …”

Two years like those that Ivan Juric lived at Hellas Verona they are not easily forgotten. There the coach brought his ideas and found the resources to put them into practice, there he improved as a manager and changed perspective at a club returning to Serie A as a newly promoted one. For this reason, avoiding comparisons with Torino is difficult. Hellas has been a yardstick several times in his talks about the future of Taurus. The transfer market is inevitably no exception: who to sell, who to buy, basically how to improve a team. For the grenades, who risk losing Bremer, Belotti, must find a goalkeeper, etc., the next few weeks will be particularly delicate in this sense. Juric knows this and has started putting up stakes, pulling the president by the jacket Cairo.

“It’s about seeing the quality you need, in Verona it was done great”

The reference is there again, a Verona, where Toro will play on Saturday 14 May at 6pm. And where, not without moments of tension with patron Setti, Juric managed to get the right players available in the right context. With this spirit: “It’s not about something cheap but something see the quality you needin Verona it was great in my opinion “.

Thus, the Torino coach reflected after the knockout against Napoli. As on the eve, the concept that Juric wanted to pass was about this: you don’t need to spend millions on millions, just get the purchases right, because “If you make a mistake then it’s difficult”. And Taurus knows this well, whose budget is weighed down by the investments made – for example – in Verdi and Zaza, who have never offered a return on the field.

Autonomy and economy: Juric’s mantra

On the eve of the first leg match, Juric praised the model of his Verona instead: “From scratch we created a fantastic thing. We managed to change mentality, working method, bringing people inside with quality. We could do whatever we wanted within the budget that the president gave us “. Autonomy and economy, two keys on which Ivan has beaten a lot since his arrival at Toro, especially in light of the last summer market, conducted in a hurry and without the technician – according to him – being central in guiding the choices. In the next, it is forbidden to make mistakes. In fact, there are too many burning dossiers. And Juric wants to be heard this time.

Ivan Juric
Ivan Juric

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