Juric vs Juric: more points in the standings but fewer goals

Comparing this year’s Taurus with that of a year ago, after seven league games, the points in the standings have increased

The first break of this championship due to the commitments of the various national teams allows the Serie A teams to draw a first balance, in detail and above all without too much haste. If it is necessary to carefully analyze the growth path of the Bull that has been carried out for more than a year by Ivan Juric, there are really many aspects on which the grenades have improved a lot. Others on which there are ups and downs and others on which there is still a lot of work to be done. A fact to underline is that if you compare today’s Toro after seven league games with Toro a year ago, again after seven Serie A matches, today’s one has collected more points. In fact this year the grenades have conquered 10 points, obtaining three victories against Monza, Crenonese and Lecce, a draw at home with Lazio and three defeats, against Atalanta, Inter and Sassuolo. In the past season, however, the grenades had obtained 8 points managing to win against Salernitana and Sassuolo, drawing against Lazio and Venice and collecting 0 points against Atalanta, Fiorentina and Juventus.

Fewer goals are scored and the number of goals conceded is the same

The points have increased compared to a year ago and this is most likely the most important aspect to highlight, because in the end it is the results that count. But it must also be noted that Taurus has a lot more difficulty in scoring. The grenade this year after seven days have achieved 6 goalswhile a year ago the goals scored were well 9. To make few goals is an aspect on which Ivan Juric he still has a lot of work to do and for which he still has to find a solution. Finally, the number of goals conceded is always the same, that is 7. The Taurus therefore still has to improve a lot if it wants to fly towards ambitious goals.

Ivan Juric

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