Jury: Cosby abused 16-year-old

after Judith Huth, who was 16 when the assault took place in 1975, is now 64 years old. She was awarded $ 500,000 in damages, she writes the news agency AP.

Unnatural interest in minor

The jury finds that Cosby intentionally committed harmful sexual contact with Huth, and that he reasonably assumed that she was under eighteen. In addition, the jury believes he was driven by an “unnatural and abnormal sexual interest in a minor.”

BATTLE SINCE 2014: Judy Huth came forward with the charges against Cosby in 2014. It took eight years before she received a decision from a jury. Photo: AP / NTB

Donkey-Kong Defense

One important point in Cosby’s defense was that Huth and her friend claimed that they had played the game Donkey Kong earlier that day. The game did not exist in 1975, and first came on the market six years later.

Huth’s lawyer asked the jury to look over small errors in the details: It is inevitable in a 45-year-old story, he said. They had to focus on the big issues.

Cosby’s lawyer used the Donkey-Kong defense in his proceedings, which began with “I’ts on like Donkey Kong” and ended with “Game over.”

The jury was clearly not convinced, because Huth won the lawsuit.

Released from prison last year.

The setback for the 84-year-old entertainer is huge. This legal defeat comes almost a year after a Pennsylvania conviction was overturned. Cosby was released from prison after serving almost three years. The verdict was about sexual assault, where Cosby allegedly drugged and abused a woman in 2004. In addition to the overturned verdict, Cosby’s insurance company has found financial solutions with others who threatened to sue. This is said to have happened contrary to Bill Cosby’s wishes.

This lawsuit was one of the last to hang over him.

Denied for all sexual contact

Cosby did not testify in court himself, but the jury saw video footage of Cosby’s explanation from 2015. There he denies having had any sexual contact with Huth. He still denies it.

Cosby’s lawyers agree that Cosby met Huth and a friend of hers from high school on a movie set in southern California in April 1975, and that he took them to Playboy Mansion a few days later.

Huth claims that Cosby forced her to perform sexual acts in a bedroom.


Huth sued Cosby in 2014. She justified it with two things: Her son had just turned fifteen, and it was at that age that she herself was taken to the Playboy mansion. The other reason was all the other women who accused Cosby. Then the trauma came over what she had experienced as well.

– My client deserves that mr. Cosby is being held accountable for what he has done, Huth’s defense attorney Nathan Goldberg told the jury in his proceedings.

A majority of the jury agreed, after a lawsuit that took a full eight years to get to court after it was filed.

The AP news agency does not normally publish the names of victims in sexual matters. In this case, the woman herself has gone public with her name and photo, writes AP:

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